Contextual Multi-dimensional Browsing


Wu, L., Chuang Y., & Joung Y (2008). Contextualmulti-dimensionalbrowsing. Computers in Human Behavior, 24(6): 2873–2888


Browsing with multi-faceted categorization may bring to many choices and too much browsing freedom to disorient users and increase the difficulty of information gathering. This paper takes context into account for multi-faceted categorization to help organize facets.

An experiment is carried out with two interfaces: ROAD interface which is basic, and COAD interface where attributes (facets) were arranged according to their contextual importance.

Context scenarios are constructed as: family size: single person, extended family; revenue/ expenditure ratio: low, high; purchase preference: luxury, speed. These factors could combine 8 different scenarios. Two of them are removed, leaving 6 scenarios.

The importance of different facets under different context scenarios was extracted, based on the frequencies the facets were clicked.

According to a user experiment, it was found that the interface COAD where facets were arranged according to contextual importance could promote ease-of-information-access, confidence in the decision making, and ease-of browsing.


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